René Moffatt is a Denver-Based Singer/Songwriter

Est. 1979

René once wrote a song about a bus. When the music video debuted he got calls from every major news outlet in town. Was it a clever marketing? A unique plea to a niche audience? Or just a good song? Well-crafted lyrics and unforgettable melodies are par for the course, but it’s what René creates with his music that is unexpected. While public transportation may no longer be his muse, René Moffatt has plenty to sing about and continues to win the hearts and minds of listeners one song at a time. Newsworthy, perhaps. Noteworthy, for certain.

With a knack for memorable melodies and insightful lyrics, this songster is quickly making a name for himself as a respected songwriter where ever he plays. After moving to Denver in late 2015, René sank himself into the local music scene is already making a name for himself. Just recently, the Denver Public Library added René's entire discography to Volume, DPL's local music initiative.

René is currently working on his debut full-length album which is to be release in late 2017.

Artist Statement:

"At some point I recognized that we experience everything for a reason: empathy. To me, songwriting is an opportunity for collective empathy. A well written song compels the listener, the audience, to identify himself with what the singer is singing about. It might be a poignant paean to lost love or a hook driven melody made to make you move. Either way all that is required is for one listener to connect and the moment is seized. These are the moments that I live for as a songwriter. I'm not just writing for myself, nor for anybody else, but for that which lies in between."


Photo Credits:

I've been lucky to work with a couple photographers who are very good at what they do. Please visit their websites and see their work:

Jim Darling Photography

Cameron Whitman Photography



Hometown: Wichita Falls, Texas
Lives In: Denver, CO
Colleges: Charleston Southern University,University of South Carolina,University Texas @ Dallas (BA in Art & Performance)
Instruments: Piano & Guitar (Guild GAD-50)


CoffeeHouse Cafe Dallas, Texas
Opening Bell Coffee Dallas, Texas


IOTA Club & Cafe Arlington, VA
DC9 Washington, DC
Rock & Roll Hotel Washington, DC
Bitter End New York City, NY
WDVX Blue Plate Special Knoxville, TN
Opening Bell Coffee Dallas, Texas
Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Luce Foundation Center for American Art, Washington DC


Honorable Mention for “Demons On Your Sleeve” Songwriters Association of Washington
2012 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest

Discography inclusion to Denver Public Library's Volume Project.





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